Intensive Social Media Weeks


Tuesday 26 at 16:30 you will have a bus trip from University


On May, 28 at 19:00 you will have a boat trip. The trip begins at
Naberezhnaya reki Moiki, 59. Please, be in time - you'll need at about 15
minutes to get there from your hostel. The finish of the trip will be at the
same address.


Dear all!

Because of the water rise in the rivers of St.Petersburg the boat will start
at a different pier on Admiralteiskaya naberezhnaya 16, near "Mednui

Please, be ready to go at 18:20 from hostel. 

The pier is here

Sorry for the incontinences.,30.326532/59.9353666,30.3186785/@5



On May,29 at 19:00 you'll have the final dinner. The restaurant
"Zhirnaya utka" (Fat duck) is situated on ul. Marata, 47 (47, Marata street)
(2nd floor)

There will be a transfer from the hostel to the restaurant at 18:30.
Those, who would like to get back on the bus, there will be a transfer from
the restaurant to the hostel at 21:30.
Those, who would like to spend more time the in the restaurant, should get
back to the hostel by themselves. (40 minutes by foot or taxi price