Intensive Social Media Weeks

The purpose of the task is to unite in groups students with various fields of interests and backgrounds to conduct a joint study on the basis of pre-assembled and prepared data. Additional information will appear later.


Twitter task:



NodeXL task:

Dear Workshop Participants,

as you know, the instructions for Practice Session 1 (NodeXL) included a
step where you to download your Facebook ego-networks. Due to recent
changes, Facebook no longer allows for an easy access to such data. So,
instead of using Facebook, we will use data.

NodeXL allows to access ego-networks conveniently, with the aid
of a plug-in. In order to install it, please follow the following steps:

Install and Run NodeXL (as instructed in the original Practice
assignment description)
Click on the NodeXL tab to access its menu; in Data dropdown menu (on
the left) go to Import -> Get Third-Party Data Graph Importers ->
Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki
By doing so, you will access the official NodeXL webpage containing the
required plug- in. Press the “Download” button and store the archive
with the plug-in files. Unpack the files and place them into a
directory; remember the path to this directory.
3) In NodeXL, go to Import -> Import Options, find the drop-down list
entry "Folder containing third-party importers”, press it and cut and
paste the path (identified in Step 2) in to the window that pops up.
4) Restart Excel.
5) At this point, in the Import menu, the menu option “From Vk Network
Importer” will appear. Press on it; enter you credentials into
the window that opens up and download your ego-network directly
into NodeXL, with the attributes as instructed in the original Practice
assignment description.

Thank you.
The Workshop Organizers.