Intensive Social Media Weeks

1-st Intensive Social Media Week

Additional focus: Natural Language Processing and Linked Data

St. Petersburg May 25-29

Kronversky prospect 49

Aims and objectives: promotion of research and collaborations in Social Media Analysis, organization of a scientific platform, which allows to integrate Finnish and Russian young researchers and students working in the field of Social Media Field of study.

Main topics: Social Media and data gathering, key concepts of Social Media Analysis: analysis of social networks structure, longitudinal analysis, efficient algorithms for Social Media Analytics, applications of Social Media Analytics, Informational Retrieval and Natural Language Processing, Linked Data and Semantic Web.

Additional focus: Natural Language Processing, Linked Data and semantic data storages. Special creative task using trained DataSets. Data integration of data from social media, Linked Data and semantic technologies.Performing creative tasks in groups with the help of lecturers.